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A journey back in time

WESTMINSTER, Vt. — I first climbed this hill at night 42 years ago, breathless, scared and looking over my shoulder the whole way up. It was a week before Christmas, and no one yet plowed the drive that wound its … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The holiday I used to hate

I’m certainly no Grinch come Christmas.  But growing up, Thanksgiving was another matter. I was the youngest in my small family, and for that I drew the short straw in holiday rituals.  Each year, our dinner began with my mother, … Continue reading

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This big fish story is the real thing

Dave Lamoureux has Fortitude. I’m not talking about his 12-foot recreational kayak by that name. I’m talking about the intestinal kind — with a capital F. Lamoureux’s idea of a good time, The New York Times reports, is to go … Continue reading

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60 votes or 51? The $848-billion question

Today’s top headline, without a doubt, is the 60-39 U.S. Senate vote, strictly along party lines, to override a Republican attempt to filibuster and thus block a health care bill. The vote means that the full Senate now will debate … Continue reading

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For the president, at last a bit of good news

Barack Obama can’t seem to catch a break. He’s chastised from the left for not doing enough to stimulate job growth and chastised from the right for turning America into a socialist state. Republicans, in lockstep, suddenly discover the word … Continue reading

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A government euphemism can't hide hunger

The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls it “food insecurity.”  Most of us would call it going hungry. Whatever the name, a new report shows that it in 2008 it happened to more Americans than ever before since the government starting … Continue reading

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It's time for Obama to help the economy's real victims

My mother-in-law shared stories this weekend about growing up in the Great Depression.  Though her father was a doctor in Ames, Iowa, money was so tight that he’d turn off the engine of his roadster at the crest of hills … Continue reading

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This Tea Party bears watching, not merely ridicule

They aren’t the kinds of tea parties my friends hang out at, these gatherings of so-called patriots who stand against taxes and for a true (read white) America, stoke the flames of conspiracy theory, and scream socialism, or worse, about all things Obama. … Continue reading

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Some small things really matter

The voice comes from the back seat. “Do you have a nose, Ada?” “Yes, I do, right here,” I reply, pointing. “Would you like some pucker paint?” “No, I don’t wear pucker paint.” Does mommy wear pucker paint?” “Yes she does.” … Continue reading

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Will duels in the halls of Congress be next?

Barack Obama ran for office as a healer, a man who promised to listen and to seek bipartisanship in decision-making.  Events of the past week have shown just how impossible a task that is. Don’t take my word for it. … Continue reading

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