This big fish story is the real thing


Image by jeff_Prod via Flickr

Dave Lamoureux has Fortitude.

I’m not talking about his 12-foot recreational kayak by that name. I’m talking about the intestinal kind — with a capital F.

Lamoureux’s idea of a good time, The New York Times reports, is to go fishing in his kayak in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Cod for tuna — really big tuna.

This month, he “caught” a bluefin tuna that weighed 157 pounds.

Fishing, for Lamoureux, means clipping his rod to a harness on his chest and hanging on for dear life as the fish races off, pulling his kayak  at speeds up to 15 miles an hour. Just another big fish story? You be the judge.

[youtubevid id=”Wi5uOE3dPPA”]

“He is a hero at bait shops up and down Cape Cod,” The Times’ Charles McGrath writes of the 42-year-old daredevil. “On the fishing blogs, a few grumblers call him a dangerous idiot.”



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