A year reporters are happy to see the end of

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 30:  A stack of news...

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If 2009 was an ugly year for people reading the news, it was even uglier for many writing it. The best thing that can be said is that after paring staffs and cutting pay, far fewer newspapers and magazines folded outright than seemed likely as the year began.  A thank you to my Emerson colleague Delia Cabe for pointing out this excellent year-end summary of the news industry on life support provided by Newspaperdeathwatch.com

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2 Responses to A year reporters are happy to see the end of

  1. libtree09 says:

    I am still trying to get my head around this idea of “democratizing” news. However maybe we get what we deserve…we live in a Nation that cares more about Tiger Woods’ affairs than the NRA campaigning for guns on trains.

    • Jerry Lanson says:

      Great comment, Libtree. I think it pinpoints one of the positives of, as you call it, “democratizing news.” The professional “gatekeepers,” distracted by the demands of making a profit and pressured to play it safe, keep making their “gate” through which vetted news can pass smaller and narrower. As that happens, citizen journalists, with all their warts, pimples and imperfections, stuggle to fill the silence on some subjects.

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