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Is the pope going hi-tech?

This just in from National Public Radio, compliments of my Emerson colleague, Delia Cabe.  The pope, who has a Facebook page, is considering taking up blogging. So NPR rounded up some experts to give him advice on blogging etiquette as … Continue reading

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Obama forgets his real audience

Just as writers need to write for readers, presidents need to talk to the people.  Last night, for the most part, Barack Obama missed his chance to do so. Oh, during his first State of the Union address, he looked … Continue reading

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Does nothing rise above politics?

A former student, one of the brightest I’ve taught, put a six-word post on Facebook the other day.  It read: (His name) “is tired of Haiti.” Now this young man is no Rush Limbaugh fan. When I suggested that a … Continue reading

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This Tea Party looks way too pricey

Since the Tea Party movement made its big splash in backing Republican Scott Brown’s election, it has been cast by many as that special blend of populism for the right-leaning masses, brewed to perfection. Someone, however, seems to have forgotten … Continue reading

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On health care, time for the president to stand the heat

In his book “Integrity,” Yale Law Professor Stephen L. Carter says that three things have to happen for people to achieve the book’s title in their lives. First, they have to do hard work —  a lot of thinking — … Continue reading

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Will Barack Obama please stand up?

The headlines in my morning papers make me think the Body Snatchers arrived overnight. Or at least that Darth Cheney is secretly sending sonic waves to shake the Democrats’ collective psyche, stoking fear in every corner. “A new political landscape,” … Continue reading

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What Obama needs to do next

Over at American Conservative, Bill Dupray writes, “And some idiots will still blame Bush.”  Count me among them. This country remains a mess because of the policies of George W. Bush.  The problem for Democrats, as Paul Krugman pointed out … Continue reading

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