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So what's the big deal about a simple majority vote?

If history is any guide, perhaps Senate Democrats should have pushed through health care reform with a simple majority vote awhile ago. Under current law, according to the Congressional Research Service, The U.S. Senate can pass measures by simple majority rule … Continue reading

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Sonnet to the city of hills

SAN FRANCISCO — The stocky guy in the hooded sweatshirt sits at a metal table in Union Square, casually shaving with a cordless electric razor. “The Rolling Stones are coming,” he says out of nowhere. “Mick Jagger. Next week.” “Cool, … Continue reading

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Dear American: Silent in-flight movies are way past their prime

So I can understand in this age of terror alerts and wanna be bombers lighting up their underwear that safety in commercial air travel must come first. I can understand why American Airlines Flight 197, after boarding all passengers and … Continue reading

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Throw my laptop out the window

Try it sometime. Shut down your computer. Turn off the phone. Toss aside the TV remote. Take a chance that the world won’t miss you, nor you it, if you live outside its wired tentacles for just a few days. … Continue reading

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A bipartisan public wants to throw both parties' reps out, poll shows

Can incumbents up for re-election this fall raise  money fast enough to buy another term? Judging from a new CNN poll, their chances could boil down to that question.  The cable network reports that just over one in three U.S. … Continue reading

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The Times gets it right

The parallel worlds of traditional and trash tabloid “journalism” existed long before virtually anyone and everyone could publish their opinions online.  Elvis sightings have been a staple of supermarket  tabs, it seems, since the day the King died. And an … Continue reading

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Is it time to bring back term limits?

The circus called Congress might be amusing if one in eight Americans didn’t rely on food stamps. Or if we weren’t engaged in two wars, with rumblings of a third. Or if health costs didn’t eat up one of every … Continue reading

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