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New polls show perils for incumbents of both parties

Polls are always a snapshot in time at best.  Their questions and the way they’re asked can influence answers. And their margins of error mean the numbers aren’t really all that accurate even for a particular moment.  That said, a … Continue reading

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Is the Tea Party winning the battle of how it's defined?

  In an article on the  big Tea Party movement gathering in Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown,  USA Today today used this boilerplate language to explain who the movement’s members are. The tea party movement is a far-flung coalition of conservative groups angered by … Continue reading

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Have you heard the one about the liberal and the elephant?

  Yes, Republicans, I’ll bet a liberal can make you smile. It’s been one heck of a week.  Conservative Republicans are parading around talking about Armageddon. Liberal Democrats have countered by pummeling  the right for condoning  racist rhetoric, smashed windows and death … Continue reading

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When governing gets dangerous

It is time for rational voices in both parties to speak out forecefully. These are incendiary times in America, fueled by the unrelenting insistence of the Republican Party to try to turn political defeat to advantage and an increasingly large … Continue reading

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It's time for the news media to take on the racists

When is the mainstream American media going to call out the GOP for what it is: an increasingly fringe party that’s let itself be captured by a radical movement, racist at its core? Over the top, you say?  Consider this: … Continue reading

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In Washington, the venom gets personal — and racist

The battle being waged in Washington this weekend isn’t merely over a health care bill. Its context is much bigger: Who controls this country? I don’t want to make too much of this. Millions of decent Americans are convinced, despite … Continue reading

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Predictions: Health care gets 216 votes, 'Cuse to the Final 4

A friend writes: “My prediction for health care vote this weekend… 216-225 votes in support. Other precarious predictions — rooting for Syracuse (c’mon, Boeheim). What do you think? Could be a weekend of disappointment, no?” I hope not. Oh, I can … Continue reading

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When Spring comes early

The last year, my 61st, bolted past. So did my St. Patrick’s Day birthday. Two classes, a book deadline, a mandatory school function left  a late-night Jameson’s and a chocolate brownie sundae as the only reminders that another year had, … Continue reading

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Why do the media tiptoe around Fox, ex-Timesman asks

Howell Raines has always been a brilliant journalist, even when his flaws as a manager cut short his tenure as The New York Times executive editor. The work of his post-9/11 Times was among the paper’s finest ever. Now Raines … Continue reading

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Flying bats roil Boston pitcher

Forget health care, the Iraq elections, the battered Middle East peace process, the crazy Cheneys’ insistence on calling everyone who doesn’t share their world view a terrorist sympathizer. Let’s focus instead on something really weighty — flying maple bats. These … Continue reading

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