Predictions: Health care gets 216 votes, 'Cuse to the Final 4

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A friend writes:

“My prediction for health care vote this weekend… 216-225 votes in support.

Other precarious predictions — rooting for Syracuse (c’mon, Boeheim).

What do you think?

Could be a weekend of disappointment, no?

I hope not. Oh, I can live with Syracuse stumbling in the second round, even though I once taught there. Jim Boeheim’s teams have never been known for their discipline, just their rather raw talent.  Health care is another matter. After so many months, so many compromises, so many starts, Democrats can’t afford to lose this one. With all the bill’s flaws, neither can the American public. Children can’t continue to be cut from the roles of insurers just because they’re unfortunate enough to get sick.  Their parents need to be able to change jobs — and insurers — even if they have a pre-existing condition. Double-digit insurance rate increases have to stop.  A yes vote is the right vote, for politics and policy.

But will it happen?  Who knows.  I think health care passes with 216 votes, not one to spare. As for Syracuse … who can predict the unpredictable?  Still, I’ve got a hunch the ‘Cuse reaches this year’s final stop.


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