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How to ensure America's decline

If you need further evidence that a petty, paranoid, police-state mentality pervades American attitudes and actions toward immigration, you needn’t look to Arizona’s new law or the Pew Research Center poll suggesting Americans support it by a large majority. No. … Continue reading

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Would California's Prop 14 turn elections into carnivals?

From Hollywood to high-tech, California has often been the country’s trend-setter.  So the rest of us should pay close attention to the state’s latest big idea, which will appear on the ballot June 8 as Proposition 14. If it passes, … Continue reading

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Corporate donors try to buy back a GOP Congress

Much has been made of the “grass roots” Tea Party movement, and its ability to energize and mobilize people angry with big government.  Much less, however, has been written about the anger — and financial clout — of wealthy executives, … Continue reading

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Incumbents, beware: And that means Republicans, too

Ever since Scott Brown and his pick-up truck staged an upset victory in Massachusetts’ special election for the U.S. Senate, Republicans have been boasting about their plans to roust Democrats and take over both houses of Congress come November. Plenty … Continue reading

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Do we live in a growing culture of lies?

“This is why I still love newspapers,” Kathy told me across our morning coffee. ‘This” referred to the serendipity of finding two curious stories of aggressive mendacity simply by scanning the front pages of our two morning newspapers. The first, … Continue reading

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There is no joy in Red Sox Nation

BOSTON — The catcher can’t throw to second base. The third baseman, picked up for his defensive prowess during the off season, has made seven errors. The ace of the pitching staff has an  earned average that, as a college … Continue reading

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Tired of long-winded commencement speeches? Try the 1-minute version

[youtubevid id=”ljvJoFLt3EU”] Former presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy, darling of the left in 1968, gave the commencement speech to the Haverford College class of ’71 in my senior year there. By that time, sadly, he was as boring as he appeared … Continue reading

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No wonder this country is going broke

Death and taxes, the saying goes, are the only sure things in life.  But while many Americans don’t feel as if they’re getting off easy — 48 percent say their taxes are too high, a recent Gallup poll found — … Continue reading

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What motivates men like Faisal Shahzad?

It is time to ask the question, “Why?” Why would Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old, graduate-school-educated American citizen, a husband and father from a “good family,” want to murder strangers in the middle of Manhattan?  Why was he willing to risk … Continue reading

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What passes for Republican 'humor'

Can you imagine the reaction of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck if a prominent Democrat “joked” about Dick Cheney, George W. Bush or Sarah Palin drowning?  I’ve no doubt they’d call for the politician’s resignation, perhaps labeling him a terrorist … Continue reading

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