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Moving on, again

Kathy and I moved seven times in six states the first three years we were married.  Nearly four decades later, we’ve slowed down a bit. But sometimes, life leaves no choice. True/Slant, where I’ve blogged these last 10 months, is … Continue reading

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Slow news: A movement we should all get behind

We have collectively blundered into a P.T. Barnum media age when being first trumps being accurate. The economic rewards of the Internet flow to those who win the search-engine wars by being fast and furious rather than to those laggards … Continue reading

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For traditional news sites, ignoring blog distortions is not an option

My colleague Paul Niwa offered this interesting observation today: The media can no longer stand on the sidelines in high-minded silence when a firestorm of spin, packaged as news, races across the blogosphere. The rules of journalism, in other words, … Continue reading

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When True/Slant turns out the lights, here's where you can find me

As those of you who’ve stopped by periodically know, I’m a pretty eclectic blogger. (Read, undisciplined.) So when True/Slant shuts its doors Sunday, I’ll at least for now split my blogging between two sites, both on blogspot.  When I’m writing … Continue reading

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Instant news and the sad saga of Shirley Sherrod

I’ve been traveling so I’m just now fully focusing on the tawdry tale of Shirley Sherrod’s firing for utterly fabricated reasons. That right-wing bloggers would totally twist and distort the words of someone, particularly a black public official, to score … Continue reading

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The name may carry irony, but 'Charm City' really is that

BALTIMORE, Md. — The nickname, “Charm City,” is served up with a tongue-in-cheek twist in this gritty, no-nonsense, blue-collar town. Baltimore is a city of simmering summer heat and door-front stoops, cobblestone streets and small shops, neighborhood bars and more … Continue reading

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With less noise around, news has more meaning

After three weeks without television news, with limited Internet access, with our daily dose of information neatly packaged in the spare and succinct International Herald Tribune, read leisurely at a French sidewalk cafe, I find it jarring to return to the noise … Continue reading

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