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Pick your poison: America’s Banana Republic politics

I was at a party at my brother’s house last weekend when I got into a conversation with a woman who I knew to be a moderate Republican. “A lot of my friends in the Midwest are firmly convinced Obama … Continue reading

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Why Democrats will keep control of Congress in November

Not long ago, pundits told us the 2008 progressive revolution just might change the country’s political map for decades to come. Gosh, they got that wrong, didn’t they? I suspect the latest round of media predictions — that a Tea Party Revolution could sweep Republicans into … Continue reading

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Americans are consuming more news, but in ideological silos, Pew report suggests

A new poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press offers some solace for beleaguered journalists, but also some reasons for soul-searching. The good news is that Pew found Americans are spending more time following the … Continue reading

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When sensationalism, not public service, rules the news

This post also appeared on What’s wrong with this picture? A marginal Florida minister with a flock smaller than 50 rivets the nation’s attention with a threat to burn 50 Korans.  Attention to his bigotry builds slowly, from scant … Continue reading

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Journalism by poll simply reflects conventional wisdom

This post appeared on I teach my students that the best reporters zig when everyone else zags. They leave the panting pack behind to look to the corners of news, to listen to voices that are ignored, such as … Continue reading

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