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It was an awfully long pregnancy

In January 2007, I set about to write a book, initially titled “Tonic for Writer’s Book: They Wouldn’t Let Me Bring the Gin.” Perhaps I found the gin after all, or at least a bit of writer’s block, because my … Continue reading

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Congress goes back to work: Tax cuts for the rich, nothing for the unemployed?

The irony in today’s economic headlines reads like something out of The Onion.  Only this isn’t comedy. It’s reality: America in 2010. Unless Congress extends unemployment benefits on Monday, more than 2 million Americans will lose those benefits in December … Continue reading

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A real-life thriller that will blow your mind

If you haven’t seen the movie Inside Job, go tomorrow. You’ll leave mad as hell — and half-convinced you should liquidate your entire net worth to sew it into your mattress at home.  Because the same crowd that fleeced America … Continue reading

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Government of the well-heeled, by the well-heeled, and for the well-heeled

The story didn’t run on the front page. It didn’t even run above the fold deep inside the opinion page.  But Nicholas Kristof’s column about America’s government of the rich still found its way today to the top of  The … Continue reading

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Once again, Democrats prepare to cave on taxes

Weeks before the midterm election, Democrats were offered a golden opportunity to make their opposition to extending tax cuts for the wealthy a significant campaign issue.  Instead, they raced home to prepare for an election night bloodbath. If their lashing … Continue reading

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Obama’s challenge: To get back in touch with the people

Barack Obama’s biggest mistake began immediately after he took the oath of office and moved into the White House.  Focused on governing in a time of crisis, he forgot about politicking.  And as his appearances before the public and the … Continue reading

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