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Antiseptic war is always a figment of the imagination

How quickly we forget. German bombs reduced much of London to rubble early in World War II but did not defeat the Brits. American B52s left craters all over Vietnam but it was Americans who ultimately fled from hotel roofs. … Continue reading

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Libyan intervention raises questions

As American warplanes drop their payloads over Libyan military targets, our intervention thus far has elicited generally widespread bipartisan support.  This time, after all, we’re clearly on the side of the good guys, or at least on the side fighting … Continue reading

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A peaceful corner of Paradise

ASILOMAR BEACH, Calif. — Few places on Earth can be more soothing. We first discovered this mile-long stretch of sandy beach and rocky coves behind the Asilomar State Conference Center more than 20 years ago.  It’s changed little since, even … Continue reading

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This isn’t grandpa’s general store

SAN GREGORIO, CALIF. — They don’t sell penny candy at the San Gregorio General Store, where Highway 84 intersects Stage Road less than a mile east of the Pacific Ocean. But you can buy a kick-ass margarita at the long … Continue reading

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As the world moves on, Christchurch struggles to regain footing

With civil war in Libya and budget battles in our Capitol, the devastating earthquake that wrecked large swaths of the New Zealand city of Christchurch has vanished from the headlines of my two daily newspapers. True, this magical country, in … Continue reading

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