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Donald Trump: A racist for the 21st century

The Los Angeles Times headline read, “Donald Trump says Obama should stop playing basketball and lower gas prices.” This from the real estate mogul whose sole contribution to American politics has been to send private investigators to Hawaii in search … Continue reading

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Reflections on the religion of Twitter

In the 21st century, technology comes and goes at lightning speed. Take the flipcam, the cheap, easy, point-and-shoot video camera. Its most popular version, the Flip Ultra, came out in fall 2007, and took the market by such storm that … Continue reading

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Solving the budget deficit is not rocket science

Why and how did the shrunken tax rates of the George W. Bush era become sacrosanct? They did not create jobs. Instead, along with two unfunded wars, they sank this country into a level of debt that’s not only crippling … Continue reading

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USA Today considers paying bonuses for pandering?

As Bob Dylan once wrote, you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  And you don’t need a PhD in communication science to know readers will click a lot more often on your average … Continue reading

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The American people get what they voted for

I’m tempted to ask, “Who are these clowns?” But that would be rude. I read the news today, oh boy.  First I learned that this country — at the start of a tentative recovery, in the midst of three wars … Continue reading

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Does the Tea Party hear footsteps?

I’ve long believed that that the Tea Party movement’s fervor has more to do with sustaining the  Old (White) Boys Network than it does with cutting federal spending. Now an article in the Economist suggests the country’s rapidly expanding racial … Continue reading

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A champion of the dispossessed leaves a hole at The Times

First Frank Rich left The New Times for a new gig at New York magazine.  I consider him the master of casting light on cultural interconnections, at giving new perspectives on the place of politics in the weird melange called … Continue reading

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