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Reported ‘deal’ reads a whole lot like Democratic capitulation

News sources are reporting a ‘deal’ between debt-default negotiators that, if passed, reads to me like a massive capitulation by the Democratic Party to the Tea Party ransom demand. That Americans want something to happen is clear from the volume … Continue reading

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Why traditional news reports are fast becoming irrelevant

By recounting vanilla “facts” in a contextual vacuum, American news reports too often distort political debate and mislead the public. It is a point columnist Paul Krugman made eloquently Friday in a column titled “The Centrist Cop-Out.” “The cult of … Continue reading

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Cowards, zealots and the poor excuse we call government

“Democrats in retreat,” reads a headline today at, the lively web site of Taegan Goddard, author of the book, “You Won — Now What?” He then goes on to recount a series of retreats by Democrats in the debt-ceiling … Continue reading

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As political parties jockey over Medicare cuts, rich kids make most of boom in private jet flights to summer camp

The juxtaposition of two articles in today’s New York Times speaks volumes about the emerging oligarchy that is 21st Century America. In one, an opinion piece, columnist Paul Krugman decries the debt-ceiling deal offered by President Obama and so far … Continue reading

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After 40 years, can I still say, ‘I love you?’

There’s something frumpy about the number 40. I hated my 40th birthday. Kathy took me to the Ventana Inn, high above the California coastline in one of the more sumptuous settings imaginable. But instead of celebrating, I sulked, any vestige … Continue reading

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Love traveling with your dog? Visit Bar Harbor, Maine

BAR HARBOR, Maine — Dogs aren’t just welcome at Bark Harbor, the Main Street dog boutique in this coastal town at the gateway of Acadia National Park. Their owners are greeted with a full-page, double-sided printout of “places to dine … Continue reading

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Aging in an all-Apps world

My iPad 2 arrived at the back door the other day.  I’d heard the buzz. And I knew that once I opened the box, I was supposed to feel as though I was entering some incredible, calorie-rich candy store. Only … Continue reading

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Why are the news media taking Michele Bachmann so seriously?

OK. Michele Bachmann is the darling of the Tea Party. She also has called President Obama’s anti-American and still says he is running a “gangster government.”  She believes, reports Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, that “light bulbs are killing our … Continue reading

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