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Occupy Wall Street movement links ’60s to the interactive age

Protest defined my college years. Drawing a page from the courageous and disciplined Civil Rights marchers of the early ’60s, the more ragtag, anti-war students of the late ’60s took to the streets to protest the war in Vietnam. And … Continue reading

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There is no joy in Beantown: A sad saga ends

I can’t speak for you, but I’m feeling exhausted.  Disheartened.  Drained. Nah. It has nothing to do with this country’s crazy politics, nor global warming, terrorism or falling home prices. This month, the Red Sox have wrecked my life.  Left … Continue reading

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Where’s the captain of this foundering ship?

Americans struggling for answers find themselves caught between a president who can’t seem to keep his focus on the country’s overriding problem of joblessness and a political opposition captive to extremists. It’s a scary place to be in a violent … Continue reading

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Here we go again: GOP replays its ‘class warfare’ card

Stay true to the message, even if it in no way resembles reality. That’s been the Republican strategy since Karl Rove became what some called “Bush’s brain” more than a decade ago, and the party has played it with considerable … Continue reading

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There is no joy in Beantown

It’s time for Red Sox fans to acknowledge the obvious: Even if the Sox somehow stagger into the playoffs, feeding off the bottom-dwelling Baltimore Orioles to fend off the surging Tampa Bay Rays,  the team is likely going nowhere. On Aug. … Continue reading

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What happened to the idea of public service?

Was it always such a quaint concept, the idea that elected officials are supposed to serve and represent the people who elected them? It strikes me as odd that today the notion of representation barely seems to enter the conversation … Continue reading

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An encounter with the tooth fairy

Our granddaughter Devon seized an early opportunity to meet the tooth fairy last week when she accompanied her mom to the veterinary clinic where Meghan works. Devon, who is now 4, brought home a collection of bloody, extracted cats’ teeth … Continue reading

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When ‘whatever’ erodes society’s foundations

Intelligent people can disagree on a proper and ethical course of action.  I can, for example, imagine a spirited debate about when, whether and how a person with eyesight should offer to help a blind person cross the road. But … Continue reading

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The view from Tom’s porch

MERE POINT, Maine — Ahead of me, on this calm, peaceful morning in Maine, lies serenity, a view of my friend Tom’s cove, a string of islands stretching beyond the dock, beyond the lobster pots, above the glassy surface of … Continue reading

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Another week in politics: From simply stupid to sicko stuff

Barack Obama didn’t have to lose this fight; he didn’t have to start it. On its face, the president’s request to address the joint houses of Congress the first day after their summer recess looks reasonable.  But reasonable is not … Continue reading

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