An encounter with the tooth fairy

Our granddaughter Devon seized an early opportunity to meet the tooth fairy last week when she accompanied her mom to the veterinary clinic where Meghan works.

Devon, who is now 4, brought home a collection of bloody, extracted cats’ teeth in a plastic bag and stuck them under her pillow.  The next morning, the teeth were gone and a $1 bill had replaced them.

Devon sulked.  “I don’t like the tooth fairy,” she told her mom. “Why doesn’t she know that quarters are much more valuable.”

Moms have to be nimble.  Meghan looked in her purse and said to Devon. “Look, the tooth fairy must have been confused. She put all this change in my purse.”

She handed Devon a collection of pennies and nickels. Devon beamed, enriched by a tooth fairy who simply couldn’t find her pillow, but cared nonetheless.


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I teach, write, coach and sing, though you're not required to listen to the latter. I'm a journalism professor at Emerson College in Boston. My third book, "Writing for Others, Writing for Ourselves," was published in November by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing. You can read a sample chapter at My passions are politics (generally liberal in outlook), music, mountains, golden retrievers and my grandchildren, though not in that order. Please stop by and mix it up with me. I always answer those who post.
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2 Responses to An encounter with the tooth fairy

  1. Samantha says:

    Lol! My daughter prefers quarters too! She thinks she has more money and you can put quarters in the candy machine at the grocery store! Of course, getting money for an animal’s teeth is a whole different scenario altogether. I don’t know much about caring for cats’ teeth but I found a great Mom’s Guide that gives good tips and information on caring for you child’s teeth.

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