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At a crossroads: Is Occupy Oakland’s anger endangering the movement?

If there ever was a time the leaderless Occupy movement needed leadership, it’s now. The news and images from Oakland, Calif., unsettle. City hall, pillaged. An American flag, burned.  Sure, it’s too early to know who is behind this or what … Continue reading

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Why do 99 percent of journalists cover 1 percent of the news?

In 2006, Columbia University professor and New York Times columnist Samuel Freedman published “letters to a young journalist,” an inspirational entreaty that among other things calls on would-be reporters to “accept the burden of independent thought.” It is as if … Continue reading

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A tough TV choice: A GOP debate — or the Celtics?

I sat on my exercise bike with the remote last night, flipping between the umpteenth GOP presidential debate and the Boston Celtics game.  The Celtics started miserably — down 27 at one point in the first half. But they still … Continue reading

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Parlez-vous francais?

“Ada,” Devon told me when I got home. “You have to study French now. We’ll read Eloise in Paris.” Of course, my dear. “Zut alors!” Devon, our 4-year-old grand-daughter, is an unexpected guest today. She’s sick, which means Kathy and … Continue reading

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John King’s mistake: Know why you’re asking the question

John King, in his polite way, tried to play a little “gotcha” journalism to start off Thursday night’s presidential debate.  Instead, he got burned. King asked candidate Newt Gingrich to respond to his ex-wife’s assertion that the candidate once asked … Continue reading

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Why do we flop around for so many hours online?

Why do we post endlessly on Facebook, scroll through 140-character mini-screes and schticks on Twitter, sit, mindless mostly, staring at our computer screens? I can’t speak for others. But I turn to news and social media to fill space; to, … Continue reading

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Are journalists supposed to look for the truth?

It’s bad enough that so much 24-7 cable television deteriorates into an unfinished food fight between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, typically moderated by a “journalist” lacking the interest or will to  figure out whose facts are right.  But when the public … Continue reading

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Kids can say the funniest things

Our daughter Meghan and her daughter Devon stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning.  As they left, an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. “Look mommy, a hospital truck,” said Devon, who is 4. “That’s called an ambulance,” Meghan told her. … Continue reading

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‘Senior moments,’ it seems, start a lot earlier than we think

I wanted to tell you something about my declining ….. my memory.  But I forget.  Let me check my notes. A new study in  The British Medical Journal  says our brain starts to head downhill at age 45 or so … Continue reading

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Obama: Speaking softly but carrying a big stick

Suddenly Barack Obama seems to be doing everything right. Gone is the president seemingly so eager to compromise with the unyielding GOP that he often got rolled.  Last month, Obama backed the House leadership into a corner when  he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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