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Saga of a lost tugboat: Part II

“Ada, I have an idea of how we can find your lost tugboat.” It was 7:30 Saturday morning, pre-coffee, and this was the first sentence to come from the back seat. I’d just picked up our 4-year-old granddaughter Devon for … Continue reading

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‘President Evil’ captures hyperbole of GOP presidential politics

Presidential candidates of all stripes routinely promise more than they can deliver and cast their opponents’ policies in the worst possible light.  But the demonization of the opposing candidate seems largely a specialty market of the Republican Party. Jon Stewart … Continue reading

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Devon and me: After a tough day fighting bad guys, we’ll do lunch

Kids sure grow up fast. In the 12 days since I last saw her, for example, Devon has gotten a haircut and chosen a new career path. Gone is my superhero veterinarian, replaced by a pink power ranger. Our first … Continue reading

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Cheap laughs, easy bigotry

UPDATE: Media blogger Jim Romenesko reports in an update that ESPN has fired the individual who posted this headline. ESPN did the right think. Now it should explain how this happened to its audience. In case you’re wondering how much the … Continue reading

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The new, improved, tougher Barack Obama

There’s a really interesting post on Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog in the Washington Post today. As Congress moves toward extending the payroll tax cut for the rest of this year — a remarkable retreat or return to sanity by a Republican caucus … Continue reading

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Santorum, new GOP frontrunner, thinks rape babies are stlll God’s gift

Somebody better start listening to what’s coming from the mouth of Rick Santorum.  Listening closely. For one thing, Santorum is quickly emerging as the frontrunner of the GOP sweepstakes for a presidential candidate.  Following his victories in the Colorado, Minnesota … Continue reading

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Superbowl ad competition: The dogs lap the field

Forget the sexy women, the body paint, the ripped guy, the violence, the exploding people around the campfire. Only two ads in the first half of today’s Super Bowl were worth the time of day.  You know, the ones with … Continue reading

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