News Prints, as the name suggests, will provide commentary on events in the news. I’m a generalist by nature but one who tilts toward news about politics and the news media. Travel runs in my bloodstream and I love small stories. So at times I’ll stray from the news to write about a place or the people who live there. I have a new book out, Writing for Others, Writing for Ourselves: Telling Stories in an Age of Blogging. You can read a sample chapter and learn more about it at http://www.jerrylanson.com. Please stop by, and leave a print of your own behind.

2 Responses to About

  1. HAN, Jok Kwang says:

    Dear Jerry,
    I chance upon your latest book Writing for others, writing for ourselves in our public library. I live on a little red dot on the map (about 272 sq miles, 5 over mil inhabitants) called Singapore and we have 13 copies of your book in our public libraries! I am going through your book front and back 3 times now.
    I enjoyed every bit including the many exploits of your travel in Provence, France. Family featured stories resonate as well. While not a writer, I do blog and learn a lot from your book. Good stuff, thank you.

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