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Afghan war erodes America’s economic recovery

No wonder we wish the Anthony Weiner follies were still around. Reading real news can be depressing. Consider these two numbers: $120 billion and 28,000. The first, The New York Times reports, represents what the United States is spending this … Continue reading

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Sex sells, but there IS other news out there

We are shocked, SHOCKED, by the behavior of John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner, et. al.  This, of course, is the only reason why we dissect every detail of their sexual indiscretions, their utter distain for their spouses, their unquenchable … Continue reading

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For some, war can certainly be lucrative

A friend who works for a high-end technology firm pointed out the other day that waging war and creating jobs in these United States are not mutually exclusive.  He noted that Raytheon, a company based in my hometown that specializes … Continue reading

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How the president might disburse his Nobel purse

He could build a roof-top solarium and hot tub on the West Wing, invest in an ocean-ready cabin cruiser or buy a modest stake in his favorite basketball team.  But when President Obama is awarded roughly $1.5 million along with … Continue reading

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Psst: Tiger has a pre-nup … Who cares about jobs and war?

It was a busy day in Washington today. Defense Secretary Robert Gates testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the administration wasn’t really that serious about the July 2011 drawdown date for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. If you’ll recall, … Continue reading

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Count me among the disillusioned

Change we can believe in my derriere. And that’s just because I’m in polite company. Count me among a growing number of liberals moving from skeptical about President Obama to fed up.  This eloquent, intelligent, graceful and thoughtful man appears … Continue reading

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An American hero says it is time to leave Afghanistan

Matthew Hoh is not yet a household name. He should be. Hoh is an American patriot. He is a former Marine captain who, NPR reports, was cited for uncommon bravery during a tour in Iraq. He led reconstruction efforts in … Continue reading

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Aren't two American wars more than enough?

As he listened to the building drumbeat to send more troops to Afghanistan, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert recently observed: “Watching the American escalation … is like watching helplessly as someone you love climbs into a car while intoxicated and … Continue reading

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