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Where’s the captain of this foundering ship?

Americans struggling for answers find themselves caught between a president who can’t seem to keep his focus on the country’s overriding problem of joblessness and a political opposition captive to extremists. It’s a scary place to be in a violent … Continue reading

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A billionaire comes clean on unjust tax breaks for the rich

Thank you, Warren Buffett. There’s no better way to understand the injustice of the American tax system than to read the story of one of the richest men in the world. Today, in a New York Times opinion piece titled … Continue reading

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Class warfare? The wealthiest wage it relentlessly

Extreme income inequality causes a cultural separation that is unhealthy on its face and corrosive over time…. It is hard to imagine an adequate answer to the problems we face that doesn’t involve greater redistribution of wealth. “Can the Middle … Continue reading

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Putting America’s future in the hands of the class dunce

So let me get this straight: I’m going to see many thousands of dollars in my retirement portfolio wiped out today because an arguably incompetent ratings agency called Standard & Poor’s decided to downgrade the U.S. debt? That action raises … Continue reading

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Reported ‘deal’ reads a whole lot like Democratic capitulation

News sources are reporting a ‘deal’ between debt-default negotiators that, if passed, reads to me like a massive capitulation by the Democratic Party to the Tea Party ransom demand. That Americans want something to happen is clear from the volume … Continue reading

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Why traditional news reports are fast becoming irrelevant

By recounting vanilla “facts” in a contextual vacuum, American news reports too often distort political debate and mislead the public. It is a point columnist Paul Krugman made eloquently Friday in a column titled “The Centrist Cop-Out.” “The cult of … Continue reading

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Cowards, zealots and the poor excuse we call government

“Democrats in retreat,” reads a headline today at, the lively web site of Taegan Goddard, author of the book, “You Won — Now What?” He then goes on to recount a series of retreats by Democrats in the debt-ceiling … Continue reading

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Solving the budget deficit is not rocket science

Why and how did the shrunken tax rates of the George W. Bush era become sacrosanct? They did not create jobs. Instead, along with two unfunded wars, they sank this country into a level of debt that’s not only crippling … Continue reading

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