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Manpower and a new saw offer glimmer of hope in the Gulf

I admit: The Gulf oil spill makes me so mad that I’ve willed myself not to watch the soiled birds and spoiled marshes, to hear the voices of fishermen and their families who are losing a way of life that’s … Continue reading

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Life without potable water is no picnic

I’ve been eating Tootsie Rolls and donut holes at work today.  This has more to do with the end of the academic year and my expanding waistline than it does the Great Boston Water Crisis.  But, for the record, neither … Continue reading

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This big fish story is the real thing

Dave Lamoureux has Fortitude. I’m not talking about his 12-foot recreational kayak by that name. I’m talking about the intestinal kind — with a capital F. Lamoureux’s idea of a good time, The New York Times reports, is to go … Continue reading

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Why are Americans so apathetic about global warming?

From Australia to Addis Ababa, demonstrators delivered the same message. At some 4,300 locations across the globe, people passionate about climate change flashed  or formed the number 350, a reference  to the upper limit in parts per million of heat-trapping … Continue reading

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