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Would we leave neighbors bleeding by the side of the road?

Rescission. It’s a clinical name for an extraordinarily inhumane part of the health insurance system, one in which insurers dump someone retroactively from their rolls just when that person’s health needs are greatest. It happened, reports Joanne Silberner of National … Continue reading

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A bipartisan public wants to throw both parties' reps out, poll shows

Can incumbents up for re-election this fall raise  money fast enough to buy another term? Judging from a new CNN poll, their chances could boil down to that question.  The cable network reports that just over one in three U.S. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The holiday I used to hate

I’m certainly no Grinch come Christmas.  But growing up, Thanksgiving was another matter. I was the youngest in my small family, and for that I drew the short straw in holiday rituals.  Each year, our dinner began with my mother, … Continue reading

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A government euphemism can't hide hunger

The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls it “food insecurity.”  Most of us would call it going hungry. Whatever the name, a new report shows that it in 2008 it happened to more Americans than ever before since the government starting … Continue reading

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Why I'm giving up hamburgers

You may deserve a break today, but perhaps you should take it with a veggie burger. I’ve got no moral qualms about eating meat, but after reading today’s New York Times, I’m going to eliminate ground beef from my diet.  Michael … Continue reading

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