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When does ‘news judgment’ become censorship?

LEXINGTON, Mass. — Driving home from work on Friday,  my wife Kathy heard a warning on NPR for motorists to avoid Boston’s Financial District. The reason, she thought: Occupy Wall Street had come to Boston, beginning what are expected to be rolling … Continue reading

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USA Today considers paying bonuses for pandering?

As Bob Dylan once wrote, you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  And you don’t need a PhD in communication science to know readers will click a lot more often on your average … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera: An extraordinary glimpse of a revolution

I’ve bookmarked Al Jazeera English on my laptop, and become quite addicted to its live stream of coverage from Egypt.  This is a revolution whose outcome remains uncertain.  It’s potentially the fall of the Berlin Wall. Only this time, the … Continue reading

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Government of the well-heeled, by the well-heeled, and for the well-heeled

The story didn’t run on the front page. It didn’t even run above the fold deep inside the opinion page.  But Nicholas Kristof’s column about America’s government of the rich still found its way today to the top of  The … Continue reading

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News media must share the blame for voters’ ignorance

This piece was published by A couple of interesting items on today show how hopelessly ill-informed the electorate is. One is a Gallup Poll that says 37 percent of Americans believe Congress has accomplished less this year than in previous years, … Continue reading

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Why Democrats will keep control of Congress in November

Not long ago, pundits told us the 2008 progressive revolution just might change the country’s political map for decades to come. Gosh, they got that wrong, didn’t they? I suspect the latest round of media predictions — that a Tea Party Revolution could sweep Republicans into … Continue reading

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Americans are consuming more news, but in ideological silos, Pew report suggests

A new poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press offers some solace for beleaguered journalists, but also some reasons for soul-searching. The good news is that Pew found Americans are spending more time following the … Continue reading

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