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NYTimes skirts — or crosses — boundary of staging a story

News organizations frequently “humanize” the news to draw readers, listeners and viewers.  They tell the story of one person to serve as a microcosm of a bigger issue, giving a “face” to an abstract idea. At other times, news media … Continue reading

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The words used in news can report — or distort

Participants declared themselves the part of the “99 Percent,” to highlight their claim that that 1 percent of Americans control much of the country’s wealth. –– The New York Times This seemingly innocuous sentence appears as a bit of background … Continue reading

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A case of double vision at The New York Times

Perhaps all the top editors were partying in the Hamptons, too. It is the end of August. Whatever the reason, someone at The New York Times seems to have forgotten to read all the Sunday paper’s section fronts before rolling … Continue reading

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Why traditional news reports are fast becoming irrelevant

By recounting vanilla “facts” in a contextual vacuum, American news reports too often distort political debate and mislead the public. It is a point columnist Paul Krugman made eloquently Friday in a column titled “The Centrist Cop-Out.” “The cult of … Continue reading

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