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Is it time to consider new standards for news?

Investigate. Verify. Publish. Journalism used to seem so much simpler. As a graduate student at the University of Missouri in the mid-1970s, I memorized the somewhat lofty language of the Hutchins Commission, which in 1947 urged American journalists to “provide a … Continue reading

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Why do 99 percent of journalists cover 1 percent of the news?

In 2006, Columbia University professor and New York Times columnist Samuel Freedman published “letters to a young journalist,” an inspirational entreaty that among other things calls on would-be reporters to “accept the burden of independent thought.” It is as if … Continue reading

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Slow news: A movement we should all get behind

We have collectively blundered into a P.T. Barnum media age when being first trumps being accurate. The economic rewards of the Internet flow to those who win the search-engine wars by being fast and furious rather than to those laggards … Continue reading

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For traditional news sites, ignoring blog distortions is not an option

My colleague Paul Niwa offered this interesting observation today: The media can no longer stand on the sidelines in high-minded silence when a firestorm of spin, packaged as news, races across the blogosphere. The rules of journalism, in other words, … Continue reading

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With less noise around, news has more meaning

After three weeks without television news, with limited Internet access, with our daily dose of information neatly packaged in the spare and succinct International Herald Tribune, read leisurely at a French sidewalk cafe, I find it jarring to return to the noise … Continue reading

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Pew report: We get our news everywhere

Need to be convinced that the nature and transmission of news have changed? A new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project should do the trick.  The report, brought to my attention by Emerson colleague Mark Leccese, finds … Continue reading

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Making mistakes in an instant media age

The last 24 hours have been sobering.  Like many of you, I’m stretched thin right now, teaching classes, trying to finish a book, pressed by a consulting deadline, trying to contribute to True/Slant. And so I’ve posted too quickly, intending … Continue reading

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