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Obama: Speaking softly but carrying a big stick

Suddenly Barack Obama seems to be doing everything right. Gone is the president seemingly so eager to compromise with the unyielding GOP that he often got rolled.  Last month, Obama backed the House leadership into a corner when  he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The president finds his voice

Barack Obama gave a brilliant speech in Kansas yesterday, one steeped in history and explicitly clear in its message. Now, just as there was in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few … Continue reading

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What happened to the idea of public service?

Was it always such a quaint concept, the idea that elected officials are supposed to serve and represent the people who elected them? It strikes me as odd that today the notion of representation barely seems to enter the conversation … Continue reading

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Another week in politics: From simply stupid to sicko stuff

Barack Obama didn’t have to lose this fight; he didn’t have to start it. On its face, the president’s request to address the joint houses of Congress the first day after their summer recess looks reasonable.  But reasonable is not … Continue reading

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Afghan war erodes America’s economic recovery

No wonder we wish the Anthony Weiner follies were still around. Reading real news can be depressing. Consider these two numbers: $120 billion and 28,000. The first, The New York Times reports, represents what the United States is spending this … Continue reading

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The American people get what they voted for

I’m tempted to ask, “Who are these clowns?” But that would be rude. I read the news today, oh boy.  First I learned that this country — at the start of a tentative recovery, in the midst of three wars … Continue reading

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Does the Tea Party hear footsteps?

I’ve long believed that that the Tea Party movement’s fervor has more to do with sustaining the  Old (White) Boys Network than it does with cutting federal spending. Now an article in the Economist suggests the country’s rapidly expanding racial … Continue reading

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Honoring America’s guns

It makes me swell with pride to see how much this country has grown since the Tucson rampage earlier this month that left 6 dead and  Rep. Gabrielle Giffords badly wounded. Why Tuesday night, at the State of the Union … Continue reading

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Will the next storm obliterate my street sign?

LEXINGTON, Mass. — My house sits on a street named Tower Road.  But the only tower in sight these days is a mound of snow piled so high against the street sign stanchion  that it’s within a foot of obscuring … Continue reading

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Tax ‘compromise’: The rich get richer

I guess I should be excited because I personally stand to gain something close to a $2,000 tax break next year in the deal President Obama forged with Congressional Republicans.  But I’m anything but. Once again, the disparity between rich … Continue reading

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