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Mitt Romney: Dogged by that pet on the roof

So how did the story of Mitt Romney’s dog go from being an asterisk in this campaign to one of the hottest stories in American political journalism? The tale of Seamus, the Irish setter, is hardly new. On June 27, … Continue reading

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Santorum, new GOP frontrunner, thinks rape babies are stlll God’s gift

Somebody better start listening to what’s coming from the mouth of Rick Santorum.  Listening closely. For one thing, Santorum is quickly emerging as the frontrunner of the GOP sweepstakes for a presidential candidate.  Following his victories in the Colorado, Minnesota … Continue reading

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A tough TV choice: A GOP debate — or the Celtics?

I sat on my exercise bike with the remote last night, flipping between the umpteenth GOP presidential debate and the Boston Celtics game.  The Celtics started miserably — down 27 at one point in the first half. But they still … Continue reading

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Ode to an Iowa wrestling match

Twas three days before New Year’s and all through the Web, the political pundits were bobbing their heads. The Iowa caucus just six days away and no one was certain which pol would hold sway.  There was Dr. Ron Paul, … Continue reading

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