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Is it time to consider new standards for news?

Investigate. Verify. Publish. Journalism used to seem so much simpler. As a graduate student at the University of Missouri in the mid-1970s, I memorized the somewhat lofty language of the Hutchins Commission, which in 1947 urged American journalists to “provide a … Continue reading

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Media need to establish clear ethics codes on using, posting tweets

Don’t retweet this yet. Don’t post it on your news site. Not until you check to see if I am who I claim to be. That I’m a professor and not a charlatan. That my links are real. That I didn’t make up this … Continue reading

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Cheap laughs, easy bigotry

UPDATE: Media blogger Jim Romenesko reports in an update that ESPN has fired the individual who posted this headline. ESPN did the right think. Now it should explain how this happened to its audience. In case you’re wondering how much the … Continue reading

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Why do we flop around for so many hours online?

Why do we post endlessly on Facebook, scroll through 140-character mini-screes and schticks on Twitter, sit, mindless mostly, staring at our computer screens? I can’t speak for others. But I turn to news and social media to fill space; to, … Continue reading

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Musings on contemporary American life

Love the cover of this week’s New Yorker.  It is titled “Black Friday” and shows a perplexed gray-haired gentleman looking at a saleswoman in what, we can see from the reverse-lettering on the window, is a “Bookstore.”  Only there aren’t … Continue reading

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Reflections on the religion of Twitter: Part II

Oh boy.  So now that I’m going to be interviewed tomorrow for a blogpost I wrote about Twitter — a post I initially figured might be read by my golden retriever Murphy and three friends –I guess I’d better actually … Continue reading

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Reflections on the religion of Twitter

In the 21st century, technology comes and goes at lightning speed. Take the flipcam, the cheap, easy, point-and-shoot video camera. Its most popular version, the Flip Ultra, came out in fall 2007, and took the market by such storm that … Continue reading

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