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Barack Obama’s historic gamble

Barack Obama has once again assured his place in the history of the American presidency. Obama acted courageously, if carefully, this week in becoming the first American president to openly support gay marriage. In doing so, he took substantial risks – with … Continue reading

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Moving on

Dear friends, Though I’ll keep this address for the occasional family piece or travel piece, I’ve moved most of my blogging to the Huffington Post. From there, I’ll push it out to those who are Facebook friends or follow me … Continue reading

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Will Occupy Make a Comeback in 2012?

So what now? Six months ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement swept across the country, encapsulating growing economic inequities through chants and slogans, even as it failed to cohere in formulating plans to address them. The movement, with its encampments … Continue reading

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Civics lessons from the nation’s monuments

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Amid the first flowers of spring, Kathy and I circled the Capital’s Tidal Basin this weekend, visiting the monuments dedicated to our country’s greatest leaders, reading their words. Some contemporary leaders might benefit from a similar walk through … Continue reading

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It’s time to push back against the bullies and bigots

This is reprinted from my new Huffington Post blog. The firestorm of rebuke that met Rush Limbaugh’s crude characterization of a Georgetown law student who dared to speak in favor of free contraception flashed across the headlines, the blogosphere and Facebook Friday. Such … Continue reading

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Santorum, new GOP frontrunner, thinks rape babies are stlll God’s gift

Somebody better start listening to what’s coming from the mouth of Rick Santorum.  Listening closely. For one thing, Santorum is quickly emerging as the frontrunner of the GOP sweepstakes for a presidential candidate.  Following his victories in the Colorado, Minnesota … Continue reading

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At a crossroads: Is Occupy Oakland’s anger endangering the movement?

If there ever was a time the leaderless Occupy movement needed leadership, it’s now. The news and images from Oakland, Calif., unsettle. City hall, pillaged. An American flag, burned.  Sure, it’s too early to know who is behind this or what … Continue reading

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Why do 99 percent of journalists cover 1 percent of the news?

In 2006, Columbia University professor and New York Times columnist Samuel Freedman published “letters to a young journalist,” an inspirational entreaty that among other things calls on would-be reporters to “accept the burden of independent thought.” It is as if … Continue reading

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A tough TV choice: A GOP debate — or the Celtics?

I sat on my exercise bike with the remote last night, flipping between the umpteenth GOP presidential debate and the Boston Celtics game.  The Celtics started miserably — down 27 at one point in the first half. But they still … Continue reading

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Parlez-vous francais?

“Ada,” Devon told me when I got home. “You have to study French now. We’ll read Eloise in Paris.” Of course, my dear. “Zut alors!” Devon, our 4-year-old grand-daughter, is an unexpected guest today. She’s sick, which means Kathy and … Continue reading

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