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Does nothing rise above politics?

A former student, one of the brightest I’ve taught, put a six-word post on Facebook the other day.  It read: (His name) “is tired of Haiti.” Now this young man is no Rush Limbaugh fan. When I suggested that a … Continue reading

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It's more than semantics

Driving in my car this afternoon, I heard an NPR reporter say some people in Port-au-Prince have had neither food nor water since the earth shook two full days ago.  So I find the words in the lead story on … Continue reading

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An obscene juxtaposition of images and words

While heart-wrenching photos and video footage of the utter devastation of Port-au-Prince trickled out from one of the world’s poorest countries,  the fattest of the fat cats testified on Capitol Hill today.  They appeared before a bipartisan commission established to … Continue reading

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Obama's Peace Prize: What will its impact be?

In the first year of his presidency, in the midst of two wars, and on the brink of a decision about whether to escalate one of them, President Barack Obama has been awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Remarkable. Pundits … Continue reading

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Aren't two American wars more than enough?

As he listened to the building drumbeat to send more troops to Afghanistan, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert recently observed: “Watching the American escalation … is like watching helplessly as someone you love climbs into a car while intoxicated and … Continue reading

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