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Why do we flop around for so many hours online?

Why do we post endlessly on Facebook, scroll through 140-character mini-screes and schticks on Twitter, sit, mindless mostly, staring at our computer screens? I can’t speak for others. But I turn to news and social media to fill space; to, … Continue reading

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Mayor goes far beyond the call of public service

This is a story of courage and profound humanity.  In the petty, nasty, calculating and self-serving world that too often passes for American politics today, it gives pause, reminds us that as human beings we can do better, be better, … Continue reading

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Millennials, schlemmennials: Today's 20-somethings not all that different

With all eyes on airport security and the underwear bomber (well, not really), the latest survey of the Millennial generation landed with resounding thud this week.  No one noticed. And  no wonder. It turns out “they” aren’t so different from other Americans. … Continue reading

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Freewheeling and often frustrating, the blogosphere is finding its place in the news

Over lunch the other day, my colleague Paul Niwa tossed out a provocative theory. He suggested deep cuts in the newspaper industry could soon turn the tables on print reporters, forcing them after decades of leading the pack to chase … Continue reading

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