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Remembering Mom

My Mom had opinions on just about everything. And she wasn’t shy about sharing them either. Ethel Lanson was a teacher — first biology and then, when I was growing up on Long Island in the ’50s and ’60s, a … Continue reading

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Saga of a lost tugboat: Part II

“Ada, I have an idea of how we can find your lost tugboat.” It was 7:30 Saturday morning, pre-coffee, and this was the first sentence to come from the back seat. I’d just picked up our 4-year-old granddaughter Devon for … Continue reading

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Devon and me: After a tough day fighting bad guys, we’ll do lunch

Kids sure grow up fast. In the 12 days since I last saw her, for example, Devon has gotten a haircut and chosen a new career path. Gone is my superhero veterinarian, replaced by a pink power ranger. Our first … Continue reading

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Parlez-vous francais?

“Ada,” Devon told me when I got home. “You have to study French now. We’ll read Eloise in Paris.” Of course, my dear. “Zut alors!” Devon, our 4-year-old grand-daughter, is an unexpected guest today. She’s sick, which means Kathy and … Continue reading

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Kids can say the funniest things

Our daughter Meghan and her daughter Devon stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning.  As they left, an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. “Look mommy, a hospital truck,” said Devon, who is 4. “That’s called an ambulance,” Meghan told her. … Continue reading

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During the holidays, the “Gift of Nothing” beats boxes and boxes of stuff

Each morning of late, my 4-year-old granddaughter Devon and I have started the day reading a book together.  She often picks a little book, “The Gift of Nothing” by Patrick McDonnell, that one of my graduate students gave me shortly … Continue reading

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An encounter with the tooth fairy

Our granddaughter Devon seized an early opportunity to meet the tooth fairy last week when she accompanied her mom to the veterinary clinic where Meghan works. Devon, who is now 4, brought home a collection of bloody, extracted cats’ teeth … Continue reading

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Love traveling with your dog? Visit Bar Harbor, Maine

BAR HARBOR, Maine — Dogs aren’t just welcome at Bark Harbor, the Main Street dog boutique in this coastal town at the gateway of Acadia National Park. Their owners are greeted with a full-page, double-sided printout of “places to dine … Continue reading

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In the land of the dragons

LEXINGTON, Mass. — Devon drew a lei-lei on her easel, yellow with pink tail and a hint of scales. In case you’re not up to speed on lei-leis either, Devon tells me it is a dragon, and a mean one … Continue reading

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The day a crisp dollar bill arrived in the mail

I’m used to getting Christmas cards this time of year, but they don’t usually come with cash enclosed.  Yesterday, however, I got a letter from Arbitron (“You Count in the Ratings”) with a brand new $1 bill folded into it. … Continue reading

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