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So who is waging class warfare again?

A new nonpartisan report suggests that many millionaires are paying taxes at a lower rate than the middle class, supporting the assertion of billionaire Warren Buffett in a New York Times opinion piece that he pays taxes at a lower … Continue reading

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Class warfare? The wealthiest wage it relentlessly

Extreme income inequality causes a cultural separation that is unhealthy on its face and corrosive over time…. It is hard to imagine an adequate answer to the problems we face that doesn’t involve greater redistribution of wealth. “Can the Middle … Continue reading

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Solving the budget deficit is not rocket science

Why and how did the shrunken tax rates of the George W. Bush era become sacrosanct? They did not create jobs. Instead, along with two unfunded wars, they sank this country into a level of debt that’s not only crippling … Continue reading

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The American people get what they voted for

I’m tempted to ask, “Who are these clowns?” But that would be rude. I read the news today, oh boy.  First I learned that this country — at the start of a tentative recovery, in the midst of three wars … Continue reading

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Pick your poison: America’s Banana Republic politics

I was at a party at my brother’s house last weekend when I got into a conversation with a woman who I knew to be a moderate Republican. “A lot of my friends in the Midwest are firmly convinced Obama … Continue reading

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No wonder this country is going broke

Death and taxes, the saying goes, are the only sure things in life.  But while many Americans don’t feel as if they’re getting off easy — 48 percent say their taxes are too high, a recent Gallup poll found — … Continue reading

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