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Barack Obama’s historic gamble

Barack Obama has once again assured his place in the history of the American presidency. Obama acted courageously, if carefully, this week in becoming the first American president to openly support gay marriage. In doing so, he took substantial risks – with … Continue reading

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Cowards, zealots and the poor excuse we call government

“Democrats in retreat,” reads a headline today at politicalwire.com, the lively web site of Taegan Goddard, author of the book, “You Won — Now What?” He then goes on to recount a series of retreats by Democrats in the debt-ceiling … Continue reading

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Obama’s challenge: To get back in touch with the people

Barack Obama’s biggest mistake began immediately after he took the oath of office and moved into the White House.  Focused on governing in a time of crisis, he forgot about politicking.  And as his appearances before the public and the … Continue reading

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Let's not be too quick to embrace that 'post-racial' society

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Listen to Tim Wise and the dangers of  liberal America’s love affair with the concept of “post-racial color blindness” become imminently clear. “Color blindness allows us to rationalize disparity,” Wise, a prominent author and speaker on … Continue reading

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Don't be too quick to count out the Democrats in November

When Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown came from nowhere to win the state’s special U.S. Senate election, pundits pronounced health care dead.  That’s worth keeping in mind when you read the dire pronouncements and predictions by pundits and political analysts alike … Continue reading

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New polls show perils for incumbents of both parties

Polls are always a snapshot in time at best.  Their questions and the way they’re asked can influence answers. And their margins of error mean the numbers aren’t really all that accurate even for a particular moment.  That said, a … Continue reading

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Democrats, it's time to step up

This country’s best chance in generations to make significant progress toward health care reform isn’t the only thing on the line over the next several weeks.  So is the Democratic Party’s opportunity to be taken seriously by American voters come … Continue reading

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Is he back? Obama rolls up sleeves

I’m starting to like this post-State-of-the-Union president. A week does not a first term make, but at least Barack Obama is out talking to the people again and chiding the weenies in his party, too. He wants to get things … Continue reading

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Obama forgets his real audience

Just as writers need to write for readers, presidents need to talk to the people.  Last night, for the most part, Barack Obama missed his chance to do so. Oh, during his first State of the Union address, he looked … Continue reading

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On health care, time for the president to stand the heat

In his book “Integrity,” Yale Law Professor Stephen L. Carter says that three things have to happen for people to achieve the book’s title in their lives. First, they have to do hard work —  a lot of thinking — … Continue reading

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